(Open until the position is filled)

Post-doctoral Research Associate

We are looking for two post-doctoral research associates with strong experience in thermal-hydraulics and safety analysis in nuclear and energy systems. The positions require analytical and computational demonstrable hands-on experiences and skills with modeling and programming in a numerical platform like openFOAM using programming languages like Fortran, C, Python, etc.

(posted in August 2021)

Graduate Students

(MS and PhD Level)

We are plan to hire up to multiple graduate students in the area of nuclear thermal-hydraulics to conduct nuclear safety research with interest in fundamental boiling heat transfer and turbulent flow, particularly in multiphase conditions. The study involves developing technical skills in experiments and advanced computations. We are seeking motivated graduate students who are willing to explore upfront challenges to enhance the safety of nuclear power plants as well as various energy systems.

(posted in August 2021)

Undergraduate Student Research Interns

Our research program has a strong history of training and educating students who become future talents with calibered skills, enriched experiences, and deep knolwedges in the fields of thermal-hydraulics to conduct nuclear safety research. Our program provides an international environments with international researchers and collaborates with leading schalors from various global institutes.

(posted in August 2021)

Contact at snuartslab(a) if you are interested in any of these positions