Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Safety


The in-vessel retention by external reactor vessel cooling (IVR-ERVC) is a severe accident management strategy to hold or mitigate the molten radioactive material in the reactor pressure vessel (RPV).In ARTS Lab, we perform simulations to determine the effect of property differences represented by Prandtl number (Pr) on the thermal behavior of oxide pool. 


Fuel–Coolant Interaction (FCI) can threaten the reactor cavity integrity during a severe accident. In ARTS Lab we study the melt jet breakup and particle sedimentations using state-of-the-art tests facility which was designed and developed in-house. In addition, we are also studying the particle fragmentation and sedimentation process using CFD-DEM calculations 


The structural integrity of nuclear power plant components and structures is of paramount importance during severe accidents and reactor shutdowns. In ARTS Lab, we perform experimental and computational research for qualitative and quantitative analysis of relevant process pertaining to MCCI.