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Advancing the Science and Art of the safety technologies from A to Z

The ARTS Laboratory (ARTS LAB) at the Nuclear Research Institute of Future Technology and Policy (NRIFTP) of the Department of Nuclear Engineering in Seoul National University explores the fundamental physics, advanced technology, and tangible engineering solutions on risk and safety of the energy systems mostly in nuclear power plants under normal and accidental conditions. ARTS LAB develops phenomenological models and analysis tools by carrying out experiments and computations to build platforms to assess the safety of the energy systems as well as develop feasible safety measures to prevent and mitigate the significant risks to enhance the safety of energy systems. We finally develop a risk and safety platform to provide knowledge-based and information-driven decisions with societal awareness by advancing the ARTS technologies and knowledge and training talents with knowledge and leadership...

Recent Publications


Oct. 15, 2021

We have new CANVAS

We constructed a new experimental bunker were our MONET facility is installed to carry out coolability tests in SNU 31-1 building.

August 20, 2021

We have a new lab logo

We have a new lab logo that represents the multiphase configuration which consists of hot solid (red), cold liquid (blue) and vapor (white) inbetween. 

The ARTS Laboratory

(Advances in Risk Tolerance and Safety)

August 15, 2021

We are online now (www.anergz.com)

Finally, our website is online showcasing all the details of our team and research we conduct in ARTS Lab 

June 2, 2021

We moved!

In June 2021 we moved from DANE POSTECH to NRIFTEP SNU for beginning a new phase with different collaborative projects on-going.